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Gracie resting in the grass.

Gracie loving the water.

Gracie in the kiddie pool.

Gracie hopping to it.

Gracie jumping in the grass.

Daisy and Holly in her New Home

Best Friends For Life Holly Daisy and Major

Holly in her New Home

Hinkley Having Fun in His New Home

Hinkley in His New Home


Daisy In Her New Home
Hi Jill,
Just wanted to say thank you for the two amazing puppies we got from you. Zoey & Zeke are doing great after their first week in their new surroundings, they are very smart little guy’s and already know their names. Carole and I just wanted to say from the first time we talked with you, we knew that we were getting a top quality puppy from a breeder that is very passionate and knowledgeable about breeding German Shepherds and loves every minute of it.  We also know that you will always be there if we have any concerns or question in the future.
Our grandson Shane is having a wonderful time bonding & playing with the puppies and the puppies love to cuddle next to him. We are very happy and proud to own a German shepherd puppy from Abijah German Shepherds Kennel.
Thank you very much
Kevin & Carole Winning
Zoey and Zeke In there New Home

Becker is now owned by Jack and Sherry Kelly.
Windover's Hinckley Of Abijah
Windover's Hinckley Of Abijah

We are so fortunate that a friend introduced us to Jill Lukasik when we began to search for a German Shepherd puppy. Although we did not aspire to the show ring, we were attracted to the breed traits and appearance, already having two adult rescues, a beautiful female GSD and a lovely, young mixed-breed, in the house. Jill offered us two puppies to take home for the weekend so we could get a feel for these brothers; it turned out, they both stole our hearts and we asked to keep the two! These two GSD’s are fine exemplars of the breed, handsome and sturdy, loyal, loving and athletic. They have a phenomenal temperament, are keenly attentive and have great general health and structure.

From the beginning, Jill was thoroughly informative and supportive, alerting us to everything a new puppy-parent needs to know: providing enough transitional kibble to allow for digestive adjustment in their new home, including comprehensive written instructions and recommendations for their care along with their health records and remaining always just a phone call away for any questions we may have.

It is now five years later and yes, Jill is still just a phone call away. Over this past summer, one of the boys, Cheyenne, stopped eating, began some vomiting and lethargic behavior, along with some peculiar bladder symptoms. Our local veterinarian tried treating several potential conditions to no avail; the regional emergency referral vet performed multiple assessments and an interim treatment, again with no resolve.

We had been in touch with Jill when this condition began and after listening in depth and with great understanding, she had advised that we have the vet test for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, so uncommon in the Northeast that both vets at first dismissed our charge. Just prior to allowing a surgical liver biopsy, we instructed the vet to do a full panel tick screen, again on Jill’s good advice. To all of their amazement, my boy did indeed have RMSF, was put on an appropriate antibiotic course and has now regained his full health! Without Jill’s intervention and what seemed an incredible recommendation, we all may have spent Cheyenne’s last days chasing our own tails in efforts to cure him. We know that Jill Lukasik saved our boy’s life!

Jill is as generous with her time and knowledge to dog-people as she is with her love and care of the dogs themselves. Her lines are carefully considered and analyzed, she insists upon the highest quality veterinary care, nutrition and socialization for each of her dogs. Her kennels are extraordinarily outfitted for her dogs’ comfort. Her placements are matched with great thoughtfulness and insight, each dog’s well-being taking precedent over any potential profit or prominence to be realized. These dogs are not commodities, they are family members, treated with caring, compassion and love. Beyond that, I have known Jill to jump into her vehicle and drive halfway across the country to rescue dogs unknown to her which she’s heard are in jeopardy. She manages to place these found souls in appropriate settings, reflective of what both the dog and the human have to offer.  You may not see the video on Oprah but I know for a fact that she has been front and center in these rescues.

I could not recommend Jill Lukasik more highly as a breeder, dog-person or consultant, whether your search is for a champion or a companion.

Mary and Charlie Yackley

I just wanted to let everyone know that we couldn't have asked for a better experience dealing with a kennel! Jill is so professional and takes such great care of the dogs. Whenever we have a question Jill has the answer and is always willing to share advice about how to take care of the pup. During the time we waited for our puppy to be ready to come home, Jill send weekly (some times even more frequent) pictures of the pups! They were being socialized and raised so that they have important early experiences that help form their temperaments. Our puppy, Cooper, is beautiful, has an amazing temperament, and is very smart and loving. This is a testament to the care in breeding Jill takes as well as the care he received in the early weeks while still with Jill. I absolutely would recommend Abijah - Windover Kennels to anyone who wants an amazing German Shepherd!

Julie DeVillers Cooper's Mom (Bella/Fever Son)

I would like to write something about my boy Klaus and the wonderful breeder he came from. I lost my best buddy Zeus a couple of years ago and after waiting what I thought was the right amount of time I went out on a search not to replace him but maybe find another little guy to have and hold, after looking at many breeders and pups I fell upon Jill and she had a beautiful litter she worked with me and I did have my eye on one pup but I went up to her kennel or should I say her home because she treats her dogs as family, but any way she and I sat on the floor and after playing with all of them I fell in love with all of them but I was only looking for a male at the time Klaus picked me out so after that I went to get everything ready for my boy and he is a awesome dog not only look s he has a great temperament. When I am ready I would not hesitate to get my next pup from her she is a great person breeder and we have built a friendship if I have any questions she is always making time to help and guide me Thanks Jill for my special boy.
Linda Stinehart

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